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Tag "Avi Tal"

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Meir Israel With A New Single “Shira Kayam”

Singer and composer Meir Israel in a new single “Shira Kayam” which he wrote and composed himself. The arranger Avi Tal was in charge of the musical arrangement and production.

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Not Only We Are Waiting For The Geula: Harel Tal – Ve’ata Berahamecha

In preparation for the upcoming Yom Tov of Shavous, singer and creator Harel Tal is releasing a new single ‘Ve’ata Berahamecha‘. The original melody and lyrics of Tal. The musical production of the song was entrusted to Avi Tal.

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A New Song For Razel: Aaron Razel – Ani He’Ani

Just before the beginning of the Spring, Aaron Razel is releasing a new single that was written and composed by his wife Efrat. The song is called Ani He’Ani, another single towards his 13th (Bar Mitzvah) album, which has already

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Singer And Composer Aviad In A New & Optimistic Single – “Rak Od Ketzat”

Aviad, singer and artist with a wide assortment of musical styles, is now releasing a new single called Rak Od Ketzat, written and composed by Aviad himself, and arranged and produced by Avi Tal.

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“Ata Imadi” Harel Tal Opens Up The Heart With His New Single

Now that the Slichos season is upon us, singer Harel Tal is releasing a new single called Ata Imadi. The song combines words from Tehillim with original lyrics, and it was produced by Avi Tal.

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Ana Avda – AVIAD Feat. Erez Lev Ari

Singer Aviad Deref is releasing a special new duet called Ana Avda, together with Erez Lev Ari. Avi Tal arranged and produced the track.

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He Returns: Oriel Maor “Shinuyim”

Oriel Maor is releasing a new single called Shinuyim. He has a long history in the Jewish music world, having released his debut album about 15 years ago, but then he took a very long break to settle in the

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In The Zechus of Rabbi Shimon; Aharon Razel Presents “Ulu” – The Chassidic Version

Erev Lag Baomer of last year, Aaron Razel released the song Ulu. Now that its a year later, Aaron is re-releasing the song, with an interesting addition to the arrangement, a full Chassidic choir, the Yedidim International choir. The song

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Tzemed Yeled With A New Single & Music Video “Ma Ashiv Lecha”

The popular Israeli boys group Tzemed Yeled released a new single and video today called “Ma Ashiv Lecha“, a song of faith written and composed by Odia Azoulay, arranged by Avi Tal. The video is co-produced by Yishai Lapidot and

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On The Shores of The Dead Sea With Candles & A Piano: Moshe Klein’s New Single/Video – “Shir Pashut”

Moshe Klein is releasing a new single called Shir Pashut, which he had intended to release on his debut album, but chose instead to release it specifically as a single. The song was written and composed by Elchanan Elchadad and

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