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The First Single From His Upcoming Second Album Avi Gasner – Mi?!

Avi Gasner was not born a singer, and definitely not a Chazan; he didn’t study in a music academy, nor did he involve himself with music during his childhood. At 58 years old, he has been a pension insurance agent

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Avi Gasner – Tzion Acapella

On Lag B’Omer Avi Gasner released his debut album. One of the most popular songs on the album is “Tzion“, which was composed by the talented Moshe Laufer. On the occasion the 3 weeks and because the temple was built

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Avi Gasner sings – ’72 Shaimos’

Our “story” begins about 3,400 years ago. The people of Israel are standing on Red Sea shore. Behind them the Egyptian Army and in front of them the sea. Undoubtedly, time of distress. The people of Israel are crying to

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Presenting the singing business man: New single by Avi Gasner – Modeh Ani

Avi Gasner (aged 55) from Kfar Saba, an insurance agent by day, with a rich musical background which he acquired through his own hard work. Gasner has studied music, sung, played and dreamed. A glance at his personal history reveals

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