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Uncle Moishy – We Are So Special! – (OFFICIAL AUDIO SAMPLER)

Book + Music! Presenting…. A brand new Uncle Moishy book created by Artscroll, packed with warm, beautiful lessons for all to learn and adorable pictures for all to see! Also presenting… A masterpiece album by Doni Gross, starring Uncle Moishy,

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The Dream: By Avner Gold

Avner Gold‘s expanded edition of The Dream is the hair-raising sequel to The Promised Child. After years of captivity in a monastery, Shloime Strasbourg finally returns to his family and his people. But will he ever take his rightful place

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The Joyful Jewish Home: Inspirational stories and insights for the Jewish family

Throughout history, the Jewish home has been the strength of our people. And today? Today, we face a “shidduch crisis.” Swiftly rising divorce rates. An epidemic of shalom bayis problems. Who can help us build — or rebuild — our

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Millennial Kosher: Recipes Reinvented For The Modern Palate

The creator of world-renowned kosher food blog, Busy In Brooklyn, Chanie Apfelbaum makes her cookbook debut with a collection of modern, cultural, trendy, and bold dishes that reflect her passion for reinventing traditional foods with a Millennial vibe. Over 150

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LifeLines 2: Ordinary People… Facing Extraordinary Challenges. Their Stories – and the Stories Behind Their Stories

Life. It’s infinitely interesting. People live such fascinating lives. Their struggles, their triumphs and failures, make for absorbing and inspiring reading. And as we learn about other people’s lives – we learn to understand our own better. No wonder that

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Encounters With Greatness: Rabbi Daniel Yaakov Travis reflects on his interactions with outstanding Torah personalities of our generation

Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach laughed with him, and cried with him. Rav Shimshon Pincus showed him how much a “blatt Gemara” is worth. Rav Don Segal taught him how to learn the “fifth section” of Shulchan Aruch. Rav Shlomo Brevda

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Stardust: More true stories of people who light up our world

Four years, against immeasurable odds, he’d worked for this moment. Now he had to choose between his future- and his Torah life. Could anyone save this crumbling marriage? The Rebbe had a way… Their grandfathers had hated each other. Now

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Silver and Gold

Two girls. Two backgrounds. One amazing year. Adina Silvermintz has friends. Lots of them. Girls who share her values and memories. Girls she loves being with and who love being with her. Problem is – all those friends live in

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A Tapestry of Stars: More Stories of People who Light up our World

True stories that light up the dark! Meet some of the stars of A Tapestry of Stars: The two girls willing to risk their jobs so a woman can be at her husband’s deathbed The young college student stuck in

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Embrace Shabbos: Practical strategies and inspirational stories to enhance your Shabbos experience

Something incredibly powerful and wonderful is waiting for you. Unlock the treasure chest…. Unwrap the gift…. Discover the password… Learn to Embrace Shabbos. Shabbos can be so meaningful, so beautiful. It can bring us limitless spiritual, emotional, and physical benefits.

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