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Israel Edri Presents: Shomer Alenu

Once every few years singer Israel Edri chooses a song, goes into the studio, and records. He has no interest in putting out albums or being stages anymore. When he was a child he was the soloist for the Pirchei

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DJ’s Niso Slob & Amiram Ben Lulu Present: Inshallah – The Official Remix

After Israel Gavra‘s hit song Inshallah made it big on the radio, DJ’s Niso Slob and Amiram Ben Lulu are releasing their official remix of the song.

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DJ Amiram Ben Lulu: 2019 Hit Set

Radio personality Amiram Ben Lulu is opening up the summer event season with a 2019 hit set, featuring some of the biggest hits of the year in new and exciting versions.

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The Singers Sing A Decade For Hamevukashim With Amiram Ben Lulu

The radio show “Hamevukashim” of Amiram Ben Lulu on Radio Kol Berama is about to celebrate its tenth year running. In anticipation of this celebration which will take place this coming Motzei Shabbos, together with all of the Mizrachi style

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Yair David “Mi Yachol Negdi” [Official Remix]

After the success of the hit song Mi Yachol Negdi released by singer Yair David who took over the radio stations and the general audience all at once, DJ Amiram Ben Lulu and DJ Niso Slob are releasing a remix

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Vesomchato Bechagecho: Nemoul With A Yom Tov Medley For Succos

Chassidic superstar singer Nemoul was hosted in the Sukkah of the “Hidabroot” channel, hosted by Amiram Ben Lulu for a joyous, sweeping holiday. Nemoul performs the best of the festival’s hits of all time, the circles and the communities, accompanied

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Avi Ilson – Chattan V’Kallah [Official Remix]

After the tremendous success of new singer Avi Ilson‘s single Chatan V’Kallah, which has been played over and over on the radio and garnered thousands of views on YouTube, DJ’s Amiram Ben Lulu and Niso Slob approached him and created

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Amiram Ben Lulu & Udi Damari – Kanfei Ruach

Popular radio personality Amiram Ben Lulu sat with Udi Damari for a friendly chat, when they started singing the song Ben Adam, Aleh Lemaalah Aleh, originally sung by Bini Landau, from the words of R’ Kook ZT”L. Damari then arranged

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