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Let me start off by saying that I am a long time fan of Shlock Rock, but never had the privilege of attending ANY of their concerts LIVE. This past motzei shabbos all that changed at the Stardust Room at

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Itzik Dadya with a New single “Lashir MeHanshama”

With all the hype surrounding Itzik Dadya today be it from his debut album, “Am Yisrael Chai” going gold, his world tour or the upcoming release of a new DVD, most people would think that Dadya would take it easy.

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Itzik Dadya LIVE! DVD featuring Yonathan Shainfeld + Shows

After the staggering success of the star “Itzik Dadya” last year, Itzik does not rest! Just two weeks ago he celebrated selling 20,000 copies of his gold album, Am Yisrael Chai with a huge performance in Or Akiva Mann. For

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Menachem Weinstein – Am Yisrael Chai – Official Music Video

New Single By Menachem Weinstein. Video Produced By Moishy Lew Productions

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