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Celebrating the Legacy of the Lubavitcher Rebbe with the Release of “Spread Light”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  July 8, 2024 — Bringing together two internationally acclaimed artists in honor of Gimmel Tamuz, the yahrzeit of the revered Lubavitcher Rebbe, ZY”A, TYH Nation is  proud to announce the release of the soul-stirring song, “Spread Light.” 

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TYH Nation Presents: TYH Hits Upmixed – IMPACT Vol 1

TYH Nation PresentsTYH Hits Upmixed IMPACT  Vol 1 1: Back of the Wagon (Upmix) Ft. Afikoman, Matisyahu, Alex Clare 2: Yidden (Upmix) Ft. Chaim Ghoori, Mendy Worch 3: Mi LaShem Elai (Upmix) Ft. Zusha 4: Chi Chi WaWa (Upmix) Ft.

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Alex Clare Releases Empowering New Single “RUN” Produced by TYH Nation

TYH Nation and acclaimed artist Alex Clare today released their latest single, “RUN“, that delves into the depths of self-discovery and personal growth. Produced by Mendy Portnoy, this song from their upcoming full album, blends an energetic melody with thought-provoking

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Back of the Wagon | Matisyahu | | Alex Clare | TYH Nation

TYH Nation PresentsBACK OF THE WAGONMatisyahu | | Alex Clare Get in the Wagon, Live the ‘Besht’ Life The Bal Shem Tov was famous for his journeys to visit Yidden in far flung villages throughout the Ukraine. He would

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Simcha Raba – Mendy Worch Ft. Alex Clare

Out now! Our new single, “Simcha Raba” with Mendy Worch and featuring Alex Clare.  This track offers a taste of the exciting sounds featured on Mendy’s upcoming album, “MAMISH AT THE END”Full Album Release This Thursday! —— Simcha RabaMendy Worch

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HASC 37: A Time For Unity Recap

Written by Yossi Zweig Photos by: Chaim Tuito                 Thirty Seven years ago, a young Sheya Mendlowitz spent a life changing Shabbos in a special needs camp in upstate NY. When he witnessed firsthand the level of care and commitment

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The YU SIYUM & Concert Starring: ISHAY RIBO Special Guest Performances By AKIVA & ALEX CLARE

RISE UP The YU SIYUM & Concert starring ISHAY RIBO Special guest performances by AKIVA & ALEX CLARE 5.26.2022 Arthur Ashe Stadium at the USTA Billie King National Tennis Center 6:30pm – Doors Open 7:45 – Siyum 8:00 – Concert

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The Concert of The Year: GAD ELBAZ & ALEX CLARE

Born Entertainment presents GAD ELBAZ & ALEX CLARE Hosted by Comedian MODI SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCE DOVID PEARLMAN & SHEA RUBENSTEIN The Zvika’s Variety Show •Illumination lighting Show •Born Dancers •Pyrotechnics •Comedy •New Music Video WHEN & WHERE: Sunday , March

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