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Yechiel Schron With A New Single For Chanukah “Al Hanissim”

Yechiel Schron presents his latest song, “Al Hanissim,”. This uplifting tune is brought to life through the beautiful composition of renowned hitmaker Yitzy Waldner. Under the inspiration of a timeless message penned by the Levush, Yechiel Schron‘srendition of “Al Hanissim”

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Izhar Shabi Prepares For Chanukah: ‘Al Hanissim’ – A Simple Melody

Singer Izhar Shabi is releasing a new song for Chanukah, called Al Ha’Nissim. He is an accomplished guitarist and singer. His first album since becoming frum 20 years ago was called Lev Tahor. This is the fourth single he is

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Efraim Markowitz – Al Hanissim – (Official Music Video)

In those days of Purim and especially this year when you need to thank G-d that you’re healthy and alive whilst there are 1,000s worldwide that are panicking what will be coming next I wanna share with you the beautiful

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Yosef Zev Braver & Yanki Cohen “Al Hanisim” [Levy Falkowitz Cover]

Yosef Zev Braver has only been living in Israel for five years now since his move from America, and is already popular in the Chassidish circles for events and dinners. He is also receiving requests to join in different Chassidish

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Meir Masuari – Bazman Hazeh [Official Lyrical Video]

Meir Masuari brings with him a new and refreshing fragrance to the vista of religious Jewish music because of his relationship to both the Chareidi world via his time spent in Kollel, and dabbling in mainstream Israeli music. Bazman Hazeh

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Al Hanissim – Yoely Lebovits – Chanuka Single

You know When the “Chanuka Light Moment” happened? When despite them knowing that all the oil was not pure, there were some people who believed so deeply that Hashems light will always keep shining, so they searched anyway… And its

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Gad Elbaz & Naftali Kalfa ft. Ari Lesser A New Hit for Purim “Miracles/Al Hanissim‎” 0

Ari Lesser a prominent rapper who was features on the JEWISH STAR competition comes to the fore front of Jewish music as he is featured on this new song with judge Gad Elbaz. Responsible for this connection was Naftali Kalfa

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