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Akiva Groman With A New Single “Lo Shachachnu”

Akiva Groman and his brothers are releasing a brand new song called Lo Shachachnu, sung, composed, and arranged by Akiva and his brothers themselves. The song expresses the deep pain Klal Yisrael is in and how we are coming together

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Akiva Groman – Bluz Dem Shofar (An MBD Cover)

In honor of Shabbat Nachamu and in anticipation of the yomim noroim ahead, Akiva Groman recreates and performs the Yiddish classic ‘Bluz Dem Shofar‘ by the great chasidic singer Mordechai Ben David. Akiva walks around Jerusalem, the ancient holy city

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Vos Zet Zain | Akiva Groman, Aharle Samet & The Neshama Choir

The story behind the composition of the words to the well-known melody: A Jew who had a sick child who had to undergo surgery, while the father was waiting outside the operating room he turned around preoccupied and preoccupied and

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Vibrating! On His Son’s First Yahrzeit, Akiva Groman Sang “Hakol Tov” With The Malchus Choir

Akiva Groman is one of the up and coming impressive vocal talents in recent years in the Chassidic music community. He tragically lost his son exactly a year ago, which left a gaping hole in the family. And then at

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