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Tag "Ad Emtza Makom"

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Aaron Razel feat Yonatan Razel “Ten Li Et Hayom Hazeh”

A year and a half after releasing his last album “Ad Emtza Makom”, singer and songwriter Aaron Razel is releasing his first single from his upcoming 12th album which is about to be released. The lyrics for this song, Ten

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Aaron Razel – Im Yeish Et Nafshecha [Official Music Video]

Aaron Razel recently released his latest album called Ad Emtza Makom. Now, at the end of Bein Hazmanim and the Elul Zman that’s upon us, he is releasing Im Yeish Et Nafshecha, a song very appropriate to the time. The

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Aaron Razel – Ad Emtza Makom [Official Music Video]

The single Ad Emtza Makom expresses a true desire for Geula. Razel turns to the Shechinah and asks, Ad Matai Golah V’Sura, describing the hiddenness of the Geula, asking for a physical place again on earth for Hashem, and ending

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The Ultimate Duet: Aaron Razel & MBD “Ana Avda”

Something major happened: While Aaron Razel has been working on his new album called Ad Emtza Makom, a piece of information was publicized that announced that MBD is joining Aaron on one of the songs, that Aaron wrote and composed.

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Aaron Razel Released New Single “Ad Emtza Makom”

The new single Ad Emtza Makom expresses a real desire for the true Geula. Razel turns to Hashem and asks until when is this Galus, and ends with the promise that he won’t be quiet until he finds Hashem. The

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