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Acapella Group 3Vocal With A New Acapella Cover “Halev Sheli”

Despite the countless performances of Ishay Ribo‘s big hit “Halev Sheli,” this new performance of the young vocal band ‘3Vocal‘ by Avishai Rosen and his friends manages to create another nuance to the magical song.

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Acapella Group 3Vocal With A New Video “When You Believe In Miracles”

Avishai Rosen‘s vocal band ‘3Vocal‘ just released a new video, a beautiful vocal performance for Disney’s “When You Believe” song. The clip taken before the closure of Coronavirus and is soothing and full of magic.

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Tri-Vocal – Yesimcha Elokim

The group Tri-Vocal or 3Vocal is now releasing their new hit A Capella song Yesimcha Elokim, together with an exciting music video. The group is comprised of ex-Kinderlach star Avishai Rosen, Chazan Shlomi Ben David, and tenor Orad Katz.

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