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Shua Fried Presents “Du Voint A Yid” – Yisroel Werdyger’s Fifth Album

Shua Fried Presents “Du Voint A Yid” – Yisroel Werdyger’s Fifth Album

The “album of the year” is finally available in stores and online. After years of intensive work, Yisroel Werdyger released his fifth album called “Du Voint A Yid,” which was produced and arranged by Shua Fried – Watch the animation clip for the hit song “Chap A Tentzel.”

Following two years of intensive work, which involved the brightest musical talents, under the guidance of producer Shua Fried, the album “Du Voint A Yid” is finally available (literally: A Jew Dwells Here)

“We invested tremendous efforts in this album,” says Fried, “We weren’t deterred by anything and we insisted on bringing an album on the highest standard possible.”

Yisroel Werdyger’s emergence as a musical superstar is not a wonder to those following his career. Yisroel is popular at weddings and events for over a decade, and has accrued a large following of fans and admirers.

Following up on his first four albums, which have taken the Jewish music world by storm, and are sung at events across the globe, the singer with the golden voice is back with number five.

Du Voint A Yid is certain to be greeted with the same enthusiasm as Bayis Ne’eman, Odeh Lakeil, Avorcho and Ashira V’azamra. It’s a truly masterful production with compositions that are fresh and exciting while still strongly grounded with a chassidishe taam.

Yisroel worked hand in hand with his long time friend and renowned musical producer Shua Fried, searching worldwide for compositions that were a cut above, music that would touch the heart and leave listeners feeling inspired.

Considerable time and expense were invested in every song in order to imbue each one with a richness that makes Du Voint A Yid not just a collection of compositions but an uplifting musical experience.

Each of the thirteen songs were lovingly polished to perfection by Shua. The album is greatly enhanced by the participation of Shira Choir, as well as the Moishy Kraus children’s choir. The niggunim and melodies were drawn from a wide array of talented composers, from old hands to rising stars. These include Rav Pinchas Breuer, Yanky Daskal, Rav Hillel Paley, Yitzy Waldner, Hershy Weinberger, Hershy Rottenberg, Yossi Green, Meir Adler, Menashe Feigenbaum and Motti Ilowitz.

Du Voint A Yid is being distributed by Aderet and is available online via MostlyMusic.com and at your local Judaica store.

In addition to the album preview, Werdyger is excited to release a single, “Chap a Tentzel,” a truly lively tune which was composed by the Meir Adler. The animation clip was created by Bahazit Media Studios from Israel.

The message of the song, which is sung in yiddish is, that a person should not say, “It is difficult for me, I am an honorable person and it is inappropriate for me to join a dance.” To the contrary, this is the mitzvah Hashem wants of us! Who among us is greater than the ne’im zemiros Yisroel, Dovid Hamelech, who for the sake of a mitzvah danced and encouraged others to dance and rejoice, as the passuk tells us, “Dovid HaMelech danced with all his might before Hashem!”

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