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Shlomo Simcha and The Sufrin Brothers – Kan Tzipor [Music Video]

Shlomo Simcha and The Sufrin Brothers – Kan Tzipor [Music Video]

Shlomo Simcha, collaborated with all of his brothers to record a cover version of “Kan Tzipor.”

The video was produced in memory of their dear father, Rabbi Mordechai Tzvi Sufrin OBM, who was known for cherishing the Mitzvah of Shiluach Hakan.

The song was one of his favorites at the Shabbos table and family gatherings. He helped people perform this special Mitzvah around the world often times witnessing miraculous results.

The lyrics are based on the Torah’s directive to send away the mother bird before taking her young or her eggs.

The Torah promises long life to one who performs this Mitzvah of compassion. It is also known to be a Segulah for many Brochos, including Shidduchim and bearing children.

Kan Tzipor was composed by the legendary music director Yigal Calek, and made known by his boys choir “Pirchei Yerushalayim” in 1974.

Originally premiered at the UniteToHeal.com fundraising campaign powered by Amudim.org

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