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Shloimy Salzman: Imperfect – A Series of Deep Sleep Piano

Shloimy Salzman: Imperfect – A Series of Deep Sleep Piano

One evening, I sat down by the piano a little down and sad, I was trying to pinpoint why I was feeling this way. When suddenly it dawned on me how hard I am on myself, how I expect perfection in my life, perfection in every day.
Social media shows us what people let us see of their imperfect lives, we are only shown the perfect times – the times they let us see. Everything looks so perfect! It’s so easy to fall into sadness and depression that your life is just not as amazing as everyone else’s.
I’m here today to tell you, you are not alone. You are enough!

As an artist, putting out content and showcasing my work to the public is difficult, because artists usually are perfectionists. Unless I’ve worked on it for 6 months, and it’s beyond perfect, I won’t put it out. And that never happens, so I just don’t put anything out. Last night I decided I’m gonna sit down, hit the record button & whatever comes out I’m putting out tomorrow!
There is no better title than ‘Imperfect’, embracing our humanness & our flaws.This is the first of a series of Imperfect Piano Pieces. The more we are OK with the process, and the imperfections, the more we will realise that imperfect from another lens, spells – ‘I’m Perfect’
Shloimy Salzman

Credits: Title & artwork – Tzvi Fishoff

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