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Shea Rubenstein Update!

Last night I had the pleasure of meeting with Shea Rubenstein. Avi Newmark’s name is attached to the project, in addition to having compositions from Yossi Green, Yitzy Waldner and Elimelech Blumstein. After I had the chance of sampling some of the material abeit in the process of being mixed, I must say how much I am looking forward to owning the album. Yeedle’s packaging of Lev Echod was very unique and different, I can’t disclose exact information but Shea’s will definitly be very interesting and well, cool also.

The 3 songs that I want to mention are as follows; Window in Heaven- Which is a personal song to Shea since its about his father who is not among us, watching him through a “Window in Heaven”. The arrangements and well the complete vocal package is just so not the norm, you can’t guess the next line cause its new and refreshing. Sheya actually told me that he’s finishing up a music video for this amazing song.

The next is Shir Hamalos. How many March’s can you name on albums that have come out over the last 10-20 years? Not many and I promise you, none this good. Its a Yossi Green composition and it just drips with fun and amazing vocals.

The last song I want to mention is called “Riboino.” Shea starts telling me that the song is composed by Ari Goldwag, after hearing it I we agreed that it will be a NEW kind of hartzig song. Thats the truth, people should stop comparing songs and look for new styles etc.

Basically his voice has the flavor of an Abish Brodt, especially when when he’s on the higher register. His voice is very pleasant and the song selection is solid and THAT’s what counts. Lets truly hope we see amd hear this CD in stores for Chanukah.

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  1. Shmully
    Shmully 23 November, 2008, 19:57

    I also heard Shea, he’s very good, and I agree with you on the Abish Brott thing. I saw him a few years ago in queens where he gave a calaback concert on a Motai Shabbos . Can’t wait for the CD (do you know if he has some calabach style in his album, or can you tell us?)

  2. Baltimore Tzadik
    Baltimore Tzadik 23 November, 2008, 20:22

    He davens on Yomim Tovim sometimes at My Shul in Baltimore @ Sharai Zion ,you have to hear him daven uh.. Those high notes ….what a bal T’fillah

  3. Skeptic
    Skeptic 23 November, 2008, 20:29

    I’m always skeptical about new singers. Do you think he has what it takes?

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