RINAS AMCHA – Noam Haneshamos (Official Audio)

RINAS AMCHA – Noam Haneshamos (Official Audio)

Ben Antosofsky, Yaakov Fuchs, and Dovid Mandel quickly bonded over their love for singing and Jewish music, meeting one another on the NCSY Summer Kollel in 2017. After nearly several years of being the staple and centerpiece of tischen and kumzitzes — as well as Shabbos and Yom Tov meals with friends and family, they are now ready to spread their music to the rest of the world. Drawing much of their musical inspiration from the compositions of Shalsheles, Baruch Levine, and Eitan Katz, the group understands that the power of שירה is an impactful tool to forge a close connection with G-D. With their clear, smooth delivery, soulful harmonies, and youthful energy, there is certainly promise for a bright future ahead in the new era of Jewish music.

There is no greater comfort than feeling at home, and, for so many years, Shabbos has been that home for the Jewish people. It is a day of rest, but above all, it is a day of connection to Hashem. Noam Haneshamos (adapted from the words of Kah Echsof, the saintly nigun composed by Rav Aharon Hagadol M’Karlin zy”a) is an expression of yearning, longing, and connecting to this powerful day. It is our greatest hope that our first song together uplifts your Shabbos zemiros experience, and gives extra meaning to this day.
בשמחה רבה,
Ben, Yaakov, and Dovid

Composed by: Yaakov Fuchs
Sung by: Ben Antosofsky, Yaakov Fuchs, Dovid Mandel
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by: Amit Golan, Supersonic Studios, Jerusalem, Israel
Piano: Seth Maza
Guitars: Ricky Pistone
Drums: Bobby Shubowitz
Strings: Rafi Barides
Bass: Dave Anderson

They can be contacted for feedback and bookings at [email protected]

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