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Refa Na – Yonatan Shainfeld Sings About Our Current Situation

Refa Na – Yonatan Shainfeld Sings About Our Current Situation

After many weeks with Israel locked up in his home due to the Corona epidemic, singer and composer Yonatan Shainfeld releases Refa Na, a new prayer song written following the situation.
Production: David Fadida

Singer and creator Yonatan Shainfeld is releasing a new single called “Refa Na” that he wrote following the raging corona epidemic in the streets, while also being responsible fro the musical production. Yonatan wrote the song “Refa Na” in his home studio while he was in forced quarantine, and the words were written for granted.

“I sat in a quarantine like everyone else and went into the studio to get the feelings out of my mind,” says Yonatan. “Everyone is talking about Hashem’s hints that we did one way or another, and here at one moment he reminds us who runs the world. Ultimately, we do not know the accounts of the shomayim, but only ask that although we have failed and although there may be attempts we have not met, they will still have mercy on us and cure us of this epidemic that reminded us well of who runs our world.”

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