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Pumpidisa – Modeh Ani [Official Music Video]

Pumpidisa – Modeh Ani [Official Music Video]

When we arise in the morning, the first breaths we take are with the words “מודה אני – I Give Thanks to You Hashem ”, on our lips.

The first words we say before we pray Shachris are, “ואהבת לרעך כמוך” Love Your Friend as Yourself.

This song, harmonized by brothers Matt & Tzvi Levin, bring out the light energy of love and appreciation. They believe that in order to truly experience the beauty of the world and the journeys we take, we must be able to put HaShem first and say thanks. Our appreciation to Him must be equivalent to our ability love our friend as much as we love ourselves. Perhaps, through dancing with this song we will learn to love ourselves on a greater level and then able to give to the world all the beauty we hold within.

This song was taught to us by one of our long time Rebbes, Reb Shivi Keller. It was a wintery night in Brooklyn with about 250 people huddled around a cluster of candles to warm their hearts. Reb Shivi shared this new composition. That dark room was ablaze. We sang that song on and on… And honestly my friend, we have never stop singing it since. We have sang Modeh Ani at hundreds of live events -and in close to 20 countries. We now decided to formally record and release it to bring its message into our day to day life.

Shot & Filmed by: CJ Studios
Film Crew: Joseph Shidler & Israel Ben Asher
Holy Land Footage: Marc Feder
Prod. Assistant: Gabriel Joseph
Edited by: Yegor Zadniprianyi of CJ Studios
Holy Niggun: Shivi Keller
Arranged by: Shloimy Salzman
Guitars: Brother Nachman
Flute: A Yid from Jerusalem
Vocals: DeG Studios NYC
Chior: Edgware Studios
Mix & Mastered by: Ron Tichon
Hip Yidden: Brother Joe and Akiva
1969 VW Bus A”H: Ovaid Battat

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