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Project Kefitzas Haderech Releases “Yesh Emunah 2022″ By Amit Listvand

Project Kefitzas Haderech Releases “Yesh Emunah 2022″ By Amit Listvand

Monthly tradition: Another musical work, the second in the “Kefitzas Haderech” series, is released on Rosh Chodesh Tevet and continues the revolutionary idea, Ltd.: Every Rosh Chodesh, another song in the series is distributed.

The first song in the “Dida Bei 2022” project, composed by Yossi Green and performed with great grace by Avraham Fried, was received with mixed feelings. Many liked and were also not completely connected – the versions offered by the venture to such a beloved song created a lively discourse.

This month we present “Yesh Emunah” sung by Amit Listvand, then a child prodigy who moved and excited the chassidic music industry. Composed by Mona Rosenblum, who also arranged the original song. This time, too, it is a nostalgic hit that stands on the shelf of songs by Jewish classic hits.

The “Kefitzas Haderech” project selects a classic worthy of contemporary and up-to-date electronic music, “pulls out” with innovative technology the voice of the original song performer, rebuilds the song and arrangement – and presents the listeners with a new work starring the singer’s original voice. Thus, the ‘leap forward’ that the new song has made since it was created many years ago, to a contemporary sound and style – makes it a vibrant and up-to-date song, with great respect for the original arrangement, without destroying it, or God forbid, lowering it to a level.

The project is signed by Yochanan Bleich, a talented music arranger, media person and parade presenter Kobi Sela and the branding and design strategist Eyal Gur who designed the graphic language of the entire project. So far, 8 songs have been prepared in the “Kefitzas Haderech” lab, and more songs are in the works.

And what about Amit Listvand? The child prodigy has grown up in the meantime, today he is a successful lawyer who specializes in personal injury, serves as a cantor on terrible days and occasionally gets injured in small events. Over the years has the voice of the prodigy survived, or has the adaptation also?

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