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From The Producers That Brought You “A Yid”, “Hold On Tight, & “Dear Am Yisroel”, Comes Miracles 3

From The Producers That Brought You “A Yid”, “Hold On Tight, & “Dear Am Yisroel”, Comes Miracles 3

Music is all about the message. Simple, real, relatable.
Or at least that’s how it is on a Miracles album.

From the producers that brought you “A Yid”, “Hold On Tight, and “Dear Am Yisroel”, comes the long awaited next album in the beloved Miracles collection.

Produced by Doni Gross and composed and written by Chayala Neuhaus, this album features 10 all new hit songs, with powerful heart stopping messages to uplift and transport Jewish music listeners.
Sung by child superstar Gavriel Pelcovitz with a guest performance by Nosson Tzvi Zlotowitz, the album features a wide variety of genres every single yid can relate to.
Benny Friedman also graces this album on track 2 entitled “Odeh Lakel”.

Chazak”, “Hodu”, “Challenge” and “B’lev Echad” are songs you’ll want to both dance to and live by.
Broken heart”, “One More Miracle” “Eicha” and “Little One” are everything you’ve come to love about a classic miracles ballad with lyrics that hit straight for the heart .
No worries” rounds things out with a mellow pop vibe and refrain that you’ll be singing non stop on first listen and carrying around with you daily .
And following the remarkable impact of the song “A Yid”, track 11 features an all new version sung by Gavriel and a soul stirring children’s choir.

Hard to pick a favorite, but easy to guess that Miracles 3 will be not just another album but more like an experience you’ll want to keep repeating.

Happy listening!

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