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Night of Lights! Review, Pix and Videos – Starring Shloime Dachs, Yehuda Green and the Yitzy Bald Boys Choir

Night of Lights! Review, Pix and Videos – Starring Shloime Dachs, Yehuda Green and the Yitzy Bald Boys Choir

Written By: Yossi Zweig

Pictures by: Dovid Schwartz

This past Motzei Shabbos “A Night of Lights”, a concert to benefit Cahal & Tova took place in the Lawerence High School, starring Shloime Dachs, Yehuda Green and featuring the debut performance of the Yitzy Bald Boys Choir. The Shloime Dachs Orchestra did a phenomenal job as usual!  The show opened up with a surprise guest Avi Begun. Avi, no stranger to the JM scene was a yeled hapellah (child soloist/rising star) in his early years in Brazil. Avi is the child soloist you hear on Efraim Mendelson’s 3rd album, Lashir Lakol. He also sings with such stars as Yaakov Shwekey, Dedi, Shloime Dachs, Shalsheles and more. Avi is currently hard at work on his debut album with producer extraordinaire Avi Newmark. Being that Avi’s debut album is not yet out, Avi sang Aleh Katan Sheli & .Hesech Hadass.

Next was the debut performance of the Yitzy Bald Boys Choir. I have to say that I have been looking forward to hearing them the last few months. Yitzy Bald’s level of professionalism and the energy of the choir really surprised me. They were very good, especially that this was their first time doing a live performance. One would never suspect that this wasn’t a seasoned choir. Their voices were crisp and clear and there was fullness to their sound. Yitzy did something very cute. Since he is the famed composer of LeGabay (D. Gabay) and also Mo Ohavti (M. Pruz) he composed for the evening a medley of the two, and the crowd just loved it. Other songs performed were the track Yitzy released on the internet and a promo video entitled V’ohavto and 2 very well known Camp Agudah songs. The choir accompanied special guest star Dovid Dachs to sing Baruch Levine’s world famous V’zakeini. Shloime then joined the choir on stage for a joint performance of Shloime’s mega hit Yeerav. Everyone there was impressed. Not only were 2 or 3 songs performed by this new singing sensational choir but 7 numbers!!?! Of course the was Shloime Dachs singing Anovim with Dovid Dachs that just gave everyone the chills and Shloime singing some of his greatest hits.

When Yehuda Green gets on a stage it’s not just a show. It’s all real to him and honest and people feel the same way. Singing Reb Shlomos Heini Kel, the tone of the night just changed to something more spiritual. There really is no more I can say about Yehuda. He encompasses every song with feeling and warmth and is just swept up into it that. When he is done, he doesn’t even remember the hundreds of people sitting there listening to him.

That’s pretty much it. It was a really nice night with some great performances. You can check out some pictures from the event below and even watch a few of the videos available.

IMG_7377Avi Begun


Yitzy Bald Boys Choir




Shloime & Dovid Dachs


IMG_7491Shloime with Special Needs Child


Yehuda Green


Avi Begun

Yitzy Bald Boys Choir

Yitzy Bald Boys Choir & Shloime Dachs

Yitzy Bald Boys Choir & Dovid Dachs

Shloime Dachs

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