Meydad Tasa is dancing at a Chasunah in his seventh album

Meydad Tasa is dancing at a Chasunah in his seventh album

The youngest Mediterranean religious singer in the world Meydad Tasa is releasing his seventh album “Ata Hamelech” at the age of 18. He just released his sixth and final CD as the album is hitting stores today. The single is entitled “BaChasuna” and is a great dance hit.

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  1. Adam
    Adam 6 February, 2012, 04:25

    Just a thought (not a criticisim chas v’Shalom!)- If you are reporting a Sefardic (Mizrachi)release by Meidad called ‘Chatuna’why spell it the Ashkanazi way?

  2. Bob
    Bob 7 February, 2012, 00:32

    Where in any Israeli website does it say its his final album?

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