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Kobi Brummer With A New Single For Chodesh Elul “Kol Dodi”

Kobi Brummer With A New Single For Chodesh Elul “Kol Dodi”

Kobi Brummer is releasing another single called ‘Kol Dodi‘ which is coming out as part of the release of the debut album which has been released song by song. This song, which was composed especially on the occasion of the Yomim Noroim, touches the core of the sublime days that come upon us and deals with the virtue of the answer. The special lyrics from the song song were specially composed by Naftali Shoval and arranged by an artist by Ahrela Nachshoni, produced by David Fadida.

“פָּשַׁטְתִּי אֶת כֻּתָּנְתִּי, אֵיכָכָה אֶלְבָּשֶׁנָּה” is written in the verse, and the commentators explain that the Knesset of Israel supposedly says before God that it is too late and the gates of repentance are locked in its face, to which God says: “קוֹל דּוֹדִי דוֹפֵק פִּתְחִי לִי אֲחֹתִי, רַעְיָתִי”

“Unlike all the other songs, ‘Kol Dodi‘ caught me from the first time I heard it,” says Kobi Brummer. “The powerful message that emerges from his lyrics, combined with the special melody, touched me as deeply as possible. I am excited to release the song these days, as it touches each and every one of us.

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