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Gideon Levine Releases “Kanfey Ruach” In Yiddish

Gideon Levine Releases “Kanfey Ruach” In Yiddish

The third day of Ellul (Gimmel Ellul) is the yahrtzeit of H’Rav Kook a”h. In March of 2015 a song was released by the choir of Yeshivah L’Tzeirim from Jerusalem, Israel in memory of the 8 kedoshim that were brutally murdered Eight years ago in Yeshivas Merkaz harav. The song was written by Avigayil Ouziel with lyrics from the sefer “Oirois Hakodesh” written by the famous tsaddik, Rav Kook Zatzal.

A friend of producer/composer and singer, Gideon Levine presented this song to Gideon a few months ago, as he wanted to release to the world a Yiddish version of this amazing song. The song speaks to each individual giving them the biggest chizuk they need. The lyrics read as follows; Ben Adam (person) Aleh Lemaaleh Aleh (keep climbing up) Ki Koach Rav Lecho (because you have tremendous power). Then the song goes on to say; Yesh Lecha Kanfei Ruach (you have spiritual wings) Kanfei Neshorim Abirim (wings of royal eagles), Al Techakesh Bam (don’t deny them) Pen Yekachashu Lecha (then maybe they will deny you), Derosh Osom (demand of them) Veyimotzu Lachem Miyad (and they will appear to you). Summed up it reads that If you have emuna, in Hashem and in yourself, if you believe that you can go higher, then you can do ANYTHING.

These lyrics made a major impact on Gideon. This message of belief, and striving to get higher, is a message that every yid can use on a daily basis to give them chizuk. That, coupled with the challenge of translating the lyrics to Yiddish, lit a fire under Levine to get this done the right way. The friend sent a couple of verses that several other friends had translated but they needed to be tweaked. However Gideon wanted to keep the message exactly as it was in Hebrew, to keep it as close as the words of the sefer. Once Gideon was satisfied with the lyrics, his friend said why don’t you sing it, and we can release it as a single to the world to spread this message.

So Levine headed into his studio with the famous musician Yaakov Zeines and recorded a demo. He played the demo to a few friends and they all loved it and urged him to share it with the world.

Gideon’s vision was to bring in a chassidishe choir to give it more authenticity. He contacted the Rosh Yeshiva of the Yeshiva L’Tzeirim and explained how he had gotten attached to the song and how he wanted to release a Yiddish version of the song. The Rosh Yeshiva being a big fan of Gideon Levine, was thrilled with this opportunity, and even went as far as to get the original music tracks for Gideon to use. And so Gideon got to work.

While working on producing the song, Gideon decided to sing it in both languages Yiddish and Hebrew in order for more people to understand it, with both the choir and vocalists going back and forth from one language to the other. With this song Gideon gets to spread the message with unity and diversity.

Gideon says “there are different levels within the Jewish orthodox community, There are black hats, yamulkahs etc. but every one of them have the same system and , Shema in the morning and Shema in the evening, learning Torah and reading from the Torah etc.. “we need to show a little more unity.”

Levine was encouraged from many people in Eretz Yisroel to spread this message and song to the world including radio personal Yedidya Meir. When Gideon lived in Yerusholayim, he used to daven by the Nazir and he was always connected to Rav Kook. This message is very powerful from a holy man. Gideon feels that if he can give only one person that the words that he sang touched him, and got him to believe in himself and he picked himself up from the chizuk, then it was worth it. The proof is that Gideon himself got chizuk through creating this song to lift himself up and do everything in his power. Through his life Gideon has always seen that there is no coincidence, there is always a cheshbon. I might not know what that is now, but I do find out later. The same with this song and I feel a shlichus in it to share it with the world.

That is why this single is being released tonight, after we just bentched Rosh Chodesh for Ellul. This coming year, let’s fill in with chizuk and unity. We are ALL bnei yisroel and we can always use more ahava and understanding for your fellow Jew and by doing that, we shall be zoche to A Kesiva V’chasima Tova for all of Klal Yisroel.

Lyrics Hebrew:

בן אדם, עלה, למעלה עלה עלה למעלה, עלה בן אדם עלה, למעלה עלה.

כִּי כֹּחַ עַז לָךְ יֵשׁ לָךְ כְּנָפִי רוּחַ, יֵשׁ לָךְ כְּנָפִי רוּחַ, כְּנָפִי נְשָׁרִים אַבִּירִים. אֶל תכחש בָּם פֶּן יכחשו לְךָ. דּרושׁ אוֹתָם – דרוש בן אדם ויימצאו לך מיד.

Lyrics Yiddish:

מענטשעלע שטייג אלץ העכער און העכער הויך! הויך! הייבט זיך מענטשעלע שטייג אלץ העכער און העכער ווייל א שטארקע(ן) כוח פארמאגסטו גייסטיגע פליגלען טראגסטו גייסטיגע פליגלען טראגסטו פליגלען פון אדלערס באקרוינט מיט מאכט לייקען נישט קיינמאל אין זיי ווייל טאמער וועלן זיי פון דיר זיך געבן א דריי מענטשעלע שטענדיג, זוך זיי אן א צאל וועסטו זיי טרעפן מיטאמאל.

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