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There’s calendars for lovers of everything from Autos to Zebras…everything that is except Jewish Music. Think about it, why can’t Jewish Music fans have a calendar with 12 months of top stars to enjoy? Well as we couldn’t think of a reason either, we decided to do something about it. So please join us in welcoming (and enjoying) JM/365 the calendar created especially for lovers of Jewish music…and those who love seeing them smile. Its 12 months of everybody’s favorite stars just a click and download away–then ready for printing and displaying on your wall, desk or as a screen saver!

This month, in honor of summer, simchas and for that matter, summer-simchas, we’re featuring Abie Rotenberg…a composer/performer whose seminal work on Journeys and HASC–to name but a few, has resulted in Abie being recognized as Jewish Music’s “Poet Laureate”. His 1971 “double debut” (as composer and performer) was on Noach Dear’s Clei Zemer album, this was quickly followed by the instant classic “Dveykus” an album which became a “series” (6 and more on the way…hopefully!)whose songs have graced more Chupas than any other composer except perhaps Rav Shlomo Carlebach himself. As a bonus, this month we are give YOU a FREE download of Abie’s first composition, the opening track on Clei Zemer “Ki Lecha”. Just click HERE to download the song.

Despite being a star of true supernova stature, the former Queens native (who now makes his home in Toronto) comes across as unassuming and soft spoken…though his music is anything but. Case in point, his lyrics run the gamut from intense and intelligent to wonderfully whimsical to inspired and insightful while his tunes are usually equal parts striking and simplistic.

Despite a career that spans decades, an Abie Rotenberg release is every bit as anticipated today, as it was 10,20 or 30 years ago…what better was to begin to understand and hence, better appreciate the man behind the music than everybody’s favorite JM resource Jewish Insights/the Z Report and JM/365!

Be here next month as we take a hop across the pond and celebrate summer by going to “School”…
Again special thanks go out all all those amazing photographers and designers who contributed; Baruch Ezagui, Stan Weiss, Reuvain Stone, Srulik Klein etc.

Click HERE to download both a hi-res .jpeg and .pdf of June.

Click HERE to download January, HERE for February, HERE for March, HERE for April and HERE for May.

Feel free to pass this along to friends and family.

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  1. Ben-Tzion Weiss
    Ben-Tzion Weiss 4 August, 2011, 14:32

    When will these be published for the public to buy???!!!

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