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Ishay Ribo – Kol Dodi | LIVE

Ishay Ribo – Kol Dodi | LIVE

This version of “Kol Dodi” was recorded LIVE by Ribo, at a festive performance at the Mishkan for the Performing Arts in Tel Aviv. For the last and special performance at the Tower of David Museum, which took place at the beginning of the summer and was broadcasted live to 14 countries around the world. Among the songs there were performances from Ishay‘s four albums hit songs including; “Tocho Ratzuf Ahava“, “Pakhad Gvohim“, “Elul 5779“, “Ani Zocher“, “Halev Sheli“, “Hinei Yamim Ba’im“, and “Keter Melucha” that was released during the beginninng of the Coronavirus breakout. Ribo is a leading candidate in this year’s summary parades, alongside songs that are “performance hits” sung in the crowd by the audience. Kol Dodi, from Ribo‘s debut album “Tocho Ratzuf Ahava“, is one of his favorite songs in his performances. He was 19 years old, and it was a turning point for him, this is the song that made him feel due to go out into the world. The virus and isolation constraints, in meticulous work made possible following the temporary break from performances. The new album on the way, expresses the amazing relationship between Ishay and his band and the warm and loving audience, which he is part of saying goodbye to, and comes out in a period that created quite a bit of mutual longing for each other.

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