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“Hineni” – David Taub Hosts Brothers Amiran & Arik Dvir & Gil Israelov

“Hineni” – David Taub Hosts Brothers Amiran & Arik Dvir & Gil Israelov

On the eve of Rosh Chodesh Elul, the brothers Amiran and Arik Dvir met with David Taub at our studio.
“I have to play you a song I composed inspired by the Yomim Noroim,” David pleaded, playing the moving melody “Hineni.”

The excited brothers shouted together enthusiastically, “Why don’t we record it and release it in time for the coming Rosh Hashanah?”

David explained that although the words are from the private tefillah of the shliach tzibbur before mussaf, but each individual is a public messenger and every person and even the one who seems the simplest among us, can be the one who brings the salvation of the whole, everyone asks “וקבל תפילתי כתפילת זקן ורגיל”. .
Ordinary – one who is accustomed to read in the Torah, Neviim,Kesuvim, that is, a talmuid chochom.

From this place, David decided to turn the song into a general project and to add a different, special tone, he added vocalist Gil Israelov who is known as a talented singer and composer and even serves as a chazzan during the year and on the yomim tovim.

Also at the request of David, a crowd of yeshiva students also participated in the video.

“I would like to emphasize that this prayer concerns everyone, because every individual is a public messenger and can act for the salvation of the whole.”

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