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feldheim jewish books Great New Releases from Feldheim!
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feldheim jewish books
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feldheim jewish books
Once in 28 Years
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Rabbi Moshe Goldberger

Once every 28 years we get a tiny glimpse of the world when it was pristine and newly minted. To commemorate this momentous event, we recite a special berachah, Birkas HaChamah.

But what really is Birkas HaChamah? What life lessons can we learn from this once-in-28-years natural phenomenon?

Uncover the meaning and depth of this historic occasion with this fascinating book of facts & practical insights, and keep the profound message of Birkas HaChamah reverberating in our daily lives for the next 28 years. (Targum Press).

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feldheim jewish books
feldheim jewish books
feldheim jewish books

Nan’s Long Journey

Leah Fried

Young readers will be entranced by ten-year-old Nan and her journey – at times heart wrenching, at times heartwarming – as she braves the winds of World War II and discovers the gifts of her Jewish heritage. A well-written, fascinating novel.

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feldheim jewish books


Leah Subar

Friends and acceptance, or loneliness and integrity. That’s the choice Tzipora must make, and it’s a painful one. Young adults looking for a heart-touching, soul-stirring, down-to-earth read will identify with the real-life characters in this book and pick up plenty of lessons along the way.

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feldheim jewish books
Kuntres Zachor LeMiryam
feldheim jewish books
The Chafetz Chaim

A collection of brief, stimulating essays designed to inspire readers toward greater awareness regarding the importance of the words we use. Includes unique insights into why "remember what happened to Miryam" is one of the 6 constant mitzvos, appreciating a fellow Jew, strengthening one’s emunah, and more.
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feldheim jewish books

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