Emotional Therapist Mordechai Roth Hosts Clarinetist David Kliger

Emotional Therapist Mordechai Roth Hosts Clarinetist David Kliger

Therapist Mordechai Roth presents the song “Zeh Lo Menashe” which he wrote and composed following an amazing story about the Rabbi Asher Frind z”l.

And so it is told: Once they found R. Asher Freund shouting in the forest for 6 hours: ‘Zeh Lo Menashe, this is him’.
They did not understand. Who is Menashe? And who is it?
From there it turned out that Menashe was a Jew who stole from R’ Asher a lot of money intended for the poor, R’ Asher was afraid that he would have a grudge against Menashe, so he went out into the forest and shouted that this is not Menashe. This is him! This is Hashem! Menashe is only a messenger.

To “Zeh Lo Menashe“, Roth added his friend, the clarinet artist David Kliger, who added unique Jewish sounds to the wonderful song, while the arranger and producer of the music video, Reuven Hayun, trusted the adaptation and production.

Lyrics, melody and vocals: Mordechai Roth
Clarinet: David Kliger
Photography and video editing, music processing and production: Reuven Hayun

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