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Eli Schwebel – Whole With You

Eli Schwebel – Whole With You

Dear Friends,

I spent the past 5 years writing and rewriting this song. “Whole With You” was originally titled “Broken People”, which was all about my surrender to the existential loneliness I experienced for many years. Identifying with that experience and seeing that in others made me feel less alone. But I still couldn’t finish the song.

Until I realized that so long as this song was only about me and my pain, I would never WANT to finish it.

I thank my mentor Abie Rotenberg for pushing me to give people hope and not let the Verse dictate the Chorus.

Abie, you forgot to tell me in order to write that way I had to find the hope myself.

Thank you to Israel “Yummy” Schachter for supporting me and pushing me to finish this song and video in honor of Amudim, an organization that cares so much for the people in our community that no-one else has the courage to take care of.

This song is my Tefillah:

May we all realize how much we need to be there for each other, especially during these turbulent times.

Feels like the perfect time in history to remind myself that:
We Are Whole
This marks the first song on my new album coming this year!
Looking forward to a Music filled 2021!

We are the broken people
Living our lonely lives
All of the good and evil
We are the broken people

We are the broken people
Wandering through the night
Longing for what is needful
We are the broken people

We Are
Whole Together
I am Whole With You

We are the Holy People
Shattered to shine our light
Warriors of the Peaceful
We Are the Broken People

But We Are
Whole Together
I am Whole With You

We are beautifully broken people
We are beautifully broken people
Match Global Publishing – BMI

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