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Duvid Pinches Roth – Temple Shira

Duvid Pinches Roth – Temple Shira

Many years ago the beautiful poem we all recognize from the Hagaddah Shel Pesach “Adir Hu” was translated to Yiddish, although not many people know about this but The Nitra Rebbe HY”D wrote in his Hagaddah “Na’os Desheh” that the song was translated by R’ Zalman Lundrish. Over the years the song received the name “Temple Shira“, because of the translation of these words is Meheira Yibaneh Ha’Mikdash.

Temple Shira was sung throughout Hungary and it is known that the Chassam Sofer himself would sing it with tremendous Deveykus and Hisorerus, because there is a Kabbalah that the tune for it was from the Shlah Hakudesh, whose Yahrtzeit happens to have been this week.

In these last few days before Pesach and the Yahrtzeit of the Shlah Hakudesh, singer R’ Duvid Pinches Roth from Boro Park is releasing a real, chassidish sounding version of this song, Temple Shira.

Roth, who is blessed with a sweet and powerful voice, released his debut album this past Rosh Hashana, called Miten Gantzen Hartz, after receiving the Bracha of his Rebbe the Belzer Rebbe Shlita, who encouraged him and pushed him to enter the world of music, he now performs frequently at weddings, events, and dinners all over the US, some people claim that his voice is reminiscent of the legendary R’ Yermia Damen.

Producer, arranger and conductor of the successful “Yiddish Nachas” boys choir – Moshy Kraus, who also runs the MK recording studio in New York, was the one who pushed Roth to release the beautiful song arranged by the multi-talented Sababa Band leader Mendy Herskowitz and Shloimy Salzman from Sonic Duo.

This gorgeous song was topped off by the addition of the Yedidim Choir International, conducted by Yaakov Rothblatt, alongside child soloist Ari Cuan - a Yiddish Nachas choir member.

Download: https://www.nigunmusic.com/temple-shira-free.html

Vocals: R’ Duvid Pinches Roth
Arrangement: Mendy Herskowitz and Shloimy Salzman
Musical Production: Moshy Kraus – MK Studios
Child Soloist: Ari Cuan
Backup Choir Vocals: Yedidim International Choir
Mix and Mastering: Chaim Gottesman
Big thanks as well to Dovid Kliger

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