Daniel Altshuler – Esa Einai (Debut Single)

Daniel Altshuler – Esa Einai (Debut Single)

At various times in a person’s life they may feel hopeless, not knowing or seeing any possible solution to whatever dire issue or grim situation they might be facing. This feeling of despair is ( ”?From where will my salvation come“ – ” ֵמאין יבא עזרי“, strikingly captured in the words )
תהלים – קכא, א

There’s a famous vort from the Rebbe Reb Elimelech of Lizhensk on above possuk, which starts with an analysis of the word “ֵמאַיִן .” In the context of the possuk, the word “מאין ” echoes the despair of the hopeless and questioning individual. The individual contemplates מאין? From where? ֵמאין יבא עזרי – From where will my help arrive?

The Noam Elimelech describes how the answer is ultimately contained in the very question itself. That precisely at that moment, when the situation seems utterly and completely hopeless, that is when מאין יבא עזרי – That is when the help will arrive.

HaRav Meilech Biderman, shlita, expands on the concept above in the name of the Chasam Sofer zt’l. He states that when a person will wonder “ֵמאין יבא עזרי?,” he should remind himself that “Ezri me’im Hashem oseh shamayim va’aretz.”

This connects to a deeper concept relating to the mindset surrounding hopelessness, which posits that the hopeless person, the questioner of ֵמאין יבא עזרי, may in fact already know the answer to his own question, but still has some lingering doubts. The questioner may be doubting the possibility or even the probability of their own salvation.

Continues Rav Biderman, the possuk answers the questioner with “Ezri me’im Hashem oseh shamayim va’aretz.” In effect, this tells the person, shamayim and aretz were also created from so what are you worrying about? The same Hashem Who created heaven and earth from ”, ֵמאַיִן“ nothing will bring the salvation from “nothing.” Forget possibility. Forget probability. The One Who created all and controls all, has given us His guarantee.

“Ezri me’im Hashem oseh shamayim va’aretz” ? ֵמאין יבא עזרי

Daniel Altshuler has teamed up with two of the most talented names in the Jewish music industry to bring you this beautiful new song. Composed by the world-renowned singer/songwriter Yitzy Waldner and produced by the Jewish Musical Notes acclaimed “Ace of Hartz” Doni Gross, Altshuler presents a song that contains the timeless, beautiful, and uplifting answer to the question of, ֵמאַיִן יָב ֹא ֶעזְ ִרי . Ezri me’im Hashem oseh shamayim va’aretz. With Hashem’s help, we hope you will gain inspiration and be uplifted through this song.

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Vocals – Daniel Altshuler
Background vocals – Yitzy Waldner
Composed/produced – Yitzy Waldner
Arranged – Doni Gross

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