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[COLlive] Tzivos Hashem Finalists Announced

[COLlive] Tzivos Hashem Finalists Announced


Tzivos Hashem International has announced the 9 finalists in the Power of Jewish Children Competition 2011 – 5771.

Out of hundreds of submissions sent in from all over the world, these are the children that the general public, together with the star-studded panel of judges, have chosen. These finalists will all perform at the LIVE Jewish Kids Got Talent Concert Gala brought to you by the Americare Companies, on March 27th at BAM – the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

The examples of goodness and kindness shown in the submissions sent in for the category of chessed – heart, are emotional and heartwarming. It is wonderful to see how the Children of Tzivos Hashem all over the world are fulfilling the Rebbe’s dream and working hard to bring Moshiach closer.

The children who have been chosen in the chessed category, have been chosen for their care and concern for others. The hard work that they are willing to endure in order to make certain that others are taken care of, is astounding, and we are proud to recognize their efforts.

Our first finalist in the chessed category is Esty Levin from California. She is 12 years old. When Esty was a toddler a lady from her community, Sally would come and take her out to play. Being from a large family this was a huge help to her mother. Esty fondly remembers the times Sally would take her out, play at the park, and the fun she used to have. Unfortunately Sally is now suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Because of her illness she is unable to do things for herself any longer. Her husband must watch over her at all time. Now the kindness has gone full circle and Esty regularly spends time with Sally, playing games, singing songs and spending time with her, giving her husband some respite.

Our next finalist in the chessed category is Mushka Heidingsfeld. Mushka is 8 years old and is also from California. Since the age of four Mushka has visited elderly Jewish women in a local convalescent home to play the recorder to them, teach them about brochos and Shabbas candles and gives them a challah to enjoy over Shabbos.

The last finalist in the chessed category is Mendel Kugel. He is 11 years old and lives in New York. Mendel is an avid violin player. He has been playing since he was five. A few years ago Mendel realized that other people also enjoyed hearing him play and so he has uses his talent to help others. He plays at Old Age Homes, Hospitals, and has even played in the streets to raise money for charity.

The next category is Performance. Submissions showing artistic talents, musical talents, beautiful voices and gifted writers flooded our judges. Here are their choices and your top scorers.

First up is Levi Brod. He is 13 years old and lives in California. Levi is extremely musical; he plays the piano and the harmonica. But what is extraordinary about his act is that he can play them simultaneously.

Our second finalist in the Performance category is Michelle Stern. She is 7 years old and attends PS 98Q in New York. Michelle is an astonishing violinist. Watching her play it is hard to believe she is so young.

The last finalist in this category is Motty Hertz from New York. At only 10 years old he plays piano like an experienced adult. Watch as his fingers grace the piano and listen as he plays a soothing melody. Motty enjoys playing niggunim and also composes his own music.

The final category is Achievement. Children truly have the power to change the world and these children are well on their way through their immense learning, good deeds, and their encouragement to others to do the same.

The first finalist is Menachem Farkash from California. At only 12 years old, Menachem learned the entire Shishai Sidrai Mishna off by heart in honor of his grand-mothers first Yartzeit.

Second we have Eden Herari. Eden is 13 years old and is from Port Washington. In honor of her Bat Mitzvah, Eden decided she would do a good deed every day to make the world a better place. She created a website and describes the mitzvah she did at the end of each day. But not only did she make a pact to do a mitzvah herself, she also asks that others join her and that they too post their mitzvah on her website. You too can see her mitzvos and add your own, visit her page: www.edensmitzvahs.com

And the third finalist of the Achievement category is Zalman Gansburg. Zalman is 10 years old, and lives in New York. Zalman has researched what happened to the children of Izieu during the holocaust. He knows that they should not be forgotten and it is the responsibility of him and all children today to keep their memory alive.

These finalists will be performing and showcasing their talents on March 27th at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. These children will be competing for their share in $30,000 worth of prizes, for themselves and a non-profit of their choice.

There will be breathtaking performances by Sparks Choir, Shira Choir, and acclaimed dancers, Redwine Dance Group. Producers Danny Keisler of Israevents and Danny Finkelman of Sparks Productions promise an evening of firsts in Jewish music and an event not to be missed.

Tickets are on sale now by clicking www.BAM.org/JewishKidsGotTalent or calling (718) 636 -4100 EXT. 1.

Ticket Prices: $25 – $50- $75 – VIP $350.

For more information visit, www.powerofjewishchildren.com

The Jewish Kids Got Talent Concert Gala is brought to you by The Americare Companies, Sparks Productions, Israevents, The Jewish Press, COLLIVE and The Jewish Children’s Museum.

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