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Meir Elias & Yaakov Brown – HaMelech BaSodeh

After two singles that received a lot of attention, and ahead of Yomim Noroim, singer and composer Meir Elias takes the King out in a waiting field by hosting his friend Yaakov Brown. Meir says: We are currently in the

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Biyom Karasi – Sung by the Schick Family – Yosef, Shua, & Asher

Composed by – Yosef and Asher schick Produced and Arranged by – Jack Shore Piano by – Shimee Bergstein Guitar by – Yosef Chaim Kontente A special thank you to our amazing parents and siblings who love and support us

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A Video Of The Hadlaka Toldos Avrohom Yitzchok Lighting The Fire In Meron 5779

Several hours before Lag Baomer the Bechazit group released a special clip of last year’s Hadlakah of the Toldos Avraham Yitzchak Admor. This was for all of the people who were not able to attend Miron this year due to

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Gershon Veroba & G-Major Present: Shloime Kaufman “Mi Adir” 0

The exciting energy of Shloime Kaufman, performing live, singing “Mi Adir” to the popular and emotional “You Raise Me Up.” G-MAJOR EVENTS & MUSIC – 252-368-6966 “There’s NO wedding like a MAJOR Wedding!” Performed live at The Palace, Brooklyn, NY

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Elikam Buta Purim Medley On Hidabroot Channel

We are opening the month of Adar with an exciting upbeat medley performed by Elikam Buta and his band conducted by Yishai Danoch, with some of the top songs to bring on the Simcha of Adar and and Purim.

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Watch: When Yossi Green & Avremi Roth “Improvise” A New Melody For a Musical Havdalah

When Yossi Green & Avremi Roth “improvise” a new melody for a musical Havdalah this past motzei shabbat at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Jerusalem.

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In Honor Of His Wedding Singer Amichai Spigler Releases New Single “Mi Von Siach”

Singer Amichai Spigler recently released a new Chuppah song, in honor of his wedding and in anticipation of his upcoming debut album, soon to be released. After his major success with the popular songs Zakeini L’Sameach and L’shanah Haba, he

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Isaac Michanie – Fiesta

Isaac Michanie, a young man of 24, was born in Argentina, South America, to a musical family which includes both singers and cantors, who serve in the holy places around the world. As early as his youth, his musical talent

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The Greatest Simcha – The Zemiros Group – Acapella

During a recent meeting with Yossi Green, Yoely Polatseck was introduced to a new ‘Yossi Green‘ song that was written in honor of a friend’s Simcha. The song, titled “The Greatest Simcha”, describes how the great and holy Reb Shimon

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Chupa I Kinderlach & Ohad I Live

The Kinderlach group was recently reformed with new children, and is coming back with a brand new performance set. New children joined, the veterans left and the group got a new and young sound like everyone is used to. The

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