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C Lanzbom – “By The Wake of The Moon” Available next week!

C Lanzbom, of the renowned New York based Israeli Jam Band Soulfarm, is proud to release his seventh solo album “By The Wake of The Moon”. This album is dedicated to Lanzbom’s family members who lived in the German occupied

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Ari Goldwag A – Z Report

In this edition of the Z Report we catch up with singer, composer and producer Ari Goldwag to discuss his latest release “Sheves Chaverim”. Ari, who has been a part of JM since his early days in the Miami Boys

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Acapella sampler of upcoming Yoni Stern CD

Yoni Stern, the child soloist featured on A.B.D., is expecting to put out his OWN debut album which is slated for a Tishrei release. Yoni has been capturing the hearts of audiences everywhere in performances together with Baruch Levine, Abie

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Yaakov Chesed – Shema A Cappella is now available for FREE download

Hit band Yaakov Chesed just released this morning a FREE Acapella track via their Facebook page. Hot off the release of their latest album “The Passage“, YC releases “Shma” A Cappella which was originally featured on their first album “Rise

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Just because you can’t listen to music during the 3 weeks doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to get a good deal! offers you 7 newly released titles for sale in our second “Buy Now/Listen Later” sale. Shabbos Nachamu

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Six13 at Vacation Village

Here are 4 videos of Six 13 singing at Vacation Village on July 3rd, 2010. Modeh Ani Al Hanisim Dror Yikra

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Dovid Gabay to Sing at this Years Concert on the Lawn!

    The Tom and Judy Raskin, Seventh Annual Concert on the Lawn. The Heller Resource Center presents: Dovid Gabay At the home of Yehuda and Beth Honig. With the music of Evan Al Orchestra. Enjoy a grand BBQ buffet

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Shwekey “Libi Bamizrach” cover revealed

    After the year Yaakov Shwekey just had you might assume it was time for him to take a break. Huge shows in Manhattan, France, Israel and across the globe, not to mention the release of his most recent

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OHEL Nine Day Siyum & BBQ – Shloime & Libby Dachs

Shloime & Libby Dachs cordially invite you to attend the annunal OHEL Nine Day Siyum & BBQ Remembering Yerusholayim Monday – July 12th, 2010 – 7pm Agudas Yisroel Bais Binyomin avenue L and nostrand avenue For more information 718-972-9338 –

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Meydad Tasa singing ‘Achot Ketana’ – Acapella

Meydad Tasa, whose powerful and melodious voice and been slowly taking the world by storm, recently released a song entitled ‘Achot Ketana‘ during these days of the three weeks. The song was originally written and composed by Aviad Gil, Meydad’s

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