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Come See Shua Kessin Record Live in the Studio!

Ever wanted to see a CD being recorded live? Well, next Monday, August 17th, you can! Shua Kessin is wrapping up his debut album and he wants you to come check it out. Here are the details. Winner must be

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‘Hadoch Kamai’-Effi Rosen’s first single

Israel exports new Hassidic music discovery to the world: This is the story of a music artist, not just a ‘singer’, who decided to produce his own album the hard way. To record his debut album, Effi Rosen needed to

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Asaf Leibovitz: “One and Only” – Final single prior to the album

Asaf Leibovitz presents his fourth and final hit prior to releasing the complete album “Tipul Tefilla” (“Prayer Treatment”). Leibovitz, aged 41, born in Haifa but currently living in Hod Hasharon, married and the father of three, defines himself as a

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David Mizrachi presents his new single:”Eshmerah Shabbat”

David Mizrachi, (aged 43) father of four essentially a Jerusalemite who has for the past few years lived in the community of Eli in Judea and Samaria, has always been drawn to the special brand of music – piyutim. Even

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Ari Goldwag “Ribono” Acapella

Someone just emailed this to me, it’s an a cappela track of Ari Goldwag singing Ribono. This song was on Shea Rubenstein’s CD. It’s composed by Ari Goldwag. It’s really amazing. I think this was one of the nicest songs

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JI Exclusive! Gershon Veroba – Little David Acapella Single!

Download this free track of “Little David” from Gershon Veroba. Formerly titled “The Fight In The Man,” it was, originally performed by The Megama Duo in 1982 on the album, G-D IS ALIVE AND WELL IN JERUSALEM. No instruments were

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Download this FREE A Cappela Single from Beri Weber!

Download this free track of “Aheim” originally recorded on the debut album “Bezras Hashem Yisbarach” from Beri Weber. This song contains no musical instruments and is intended for use during Sefirah and the 3 weeks. (Or the rest of the

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A Cappela Single from Shua Kessin!!

Shua Kessin is a name you’d might have been hearing more of lately, and for good reason. Shua has recently become a huge name on both the Kumzits and wedding scene. He is currently finshing to record his debut album,

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Yosef Chaim on the cover of Life Style

Here is the debut of this months cover of the Jewish lifestyle Magazine. This month’s cover features Yosef Chaim’s brand new album, Lo Lefached and a three page interview with Yosef Chaim inside Make sure to pick up your copy

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