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IVelt Yiddish Interview: Yoely Schwartz

IVelt Interview: Yoely Schwartz from myvisionstudio on Vimeo.

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SHWEKEY from Caesaria to Manhattan: Review & Photos

Photos by: BARUCH EZAGUI By: Yossi Zweig If you are a Jewish Music fan and did NOT attend SHWEKEY from Caesaria to Manhattan, you missed out on history being made. This event wasn’t a typical run of the mill school

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Yossi Green presents: POMEGRANATE-the song

Yossi Green presents POMEGRANATE the song Music & Lyrics Composed by: Yossi Green Produced by:Yossi Tyberg & Yossi green Vocals Performed by: Michael Ian Elias & Yossi Green Music Arranged by: Iilya Lashinsky & Yossi green Music Programmed, Performed &

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Pictures & more from last nights KULOM AHUVIM LIVE! Concert

Photos by: BARUCH EZAGUI By: Yossi Zweig Wow! What a spectacular evening.  MBD hasn’t been to Brooklyn College or any BIG concert in NY in at least a year or so and you can tell the people needed their dose

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Pictures from Kulom Ahiuikm Practice today!

Shua Kessin & Aaron Razel (from l to r) Yanky Katina, Yeedle, Shua Kessin & Avrumi Schreiber (Freilach Orchestra) Shua Kessin & MBD

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Pictures from YU Chanukah Concert: Lipa, Ohad, Yehuda Green & Dovid Dachs

Just 1 hr ago Lipa, Ohad, Yehuda Green and Dovid Dachs performed at the Yeshiva University, CHANUKAH CONCERT, benefiting Chai Lifelife. The place was packed and performers shined. Here are some pictures of the night. Movie videos etc. tomorrow.The show

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Lenny Solomon on the Joey Reynolds Show NOW from 1 to 5 am

Joey Reynolds WWOR’s famed talk show host whose guests have included everyone from  Larry King to Alan Zweibel  one of the original SNL writers during the Akroyd/Belushi/Chase/Murray/Radner era,, will be hosting Lenny Solomon the King Of Shlock (as in SHlock Rock) live

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