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From Brazil With Love: Eli Ben Ari Sings An Exciting New Wedding Song “Ze Harega”

From Brazil With Love: Eli Ben Ari Sings An Exciting New Wedding Song “Ze Harega”

Soul singer Eli Ben Ari was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil to an Argentinian family, but judging by his new hit “Ze Harega,” he seems to have been deeply influenced by Israeli music. The new song is already being played almost every night this past month at weddings in Brazil and now, with the release of the single, it will reach the world over and become a new and refreshing nigun.

Eli Ben Ari
is the son of Rabbi Ariel, a prominent figure in the Jewish community in Brazil, who has served as the cantor of the community for many years, alongside his daily activities as an educator. Eli’s first album was released on the occasion of his Bar Mitzvah, and the name “V’ani Tefilati” (“I Am My Prayer”) was an exciting and moving album of a young boy with a caressing voice and a promising future. After Bar Mitzvah he abandoned his hobby for his studies, locked himself in the Beit Midrash and diligently continued his Talmudic studies.

His great breakthrough began after his marriage, when he returned to perform and create original Jewish music.

Among his songs you can find the great hits Asher Bara, Barchenu and Hakol L’tova which was released last summer.

Eli Ben-Ari is currently considered the leading singer in South America and performs on one stage with the greatest Jewish music and performs every evening in Brazil-Israel-USA events.

The new song was written by Yoel Ben Shushan (Y / E) and works by the musician Dvir Cohen. The production was performed by Avi Jeannot and it is released on the occasion of the marriage of Moshe Katan and Norma Mohadav. The song is accompanied by the “Yedidim” choir.

Ze Harega” is a magical original song, Hebrew lyrics and phenomenal singing in a Brazilian style.

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