Brand New Single: Return To The Palace (Boee Beshalom) – Ari Goldwag & Avi Wisnicki

Brand New Single: Return To The Palace (Boee Beshalom) – Ari Goldwag & Avi Wisnicki

We are living in unusual times. The sense is that perhaps Hashem is calling us all – to Return to the Palace – to remember where we come from – that spiritual place, that is represented by Shabbos and by Eretz Yisrael.

The song was composed by Avi Wisnicki, and will be featured on my upcoming album, to be released later this year beH.

I hope you will listen, enjoy, and share!

Ari Goldwag
Song Composed by Avi Wisnicki
Intro & Bridge Melody and Lyrics: Ari Goldwag
Music Production: Killian Cruiser
Acoustic Guitars: Lucas Gonzalez

בואי בשלום עטרת בעלה גם בשמחה ובצהלה
תוך אמוני עם סגולה
בואי כלה בואי כלה
לכה דודי לקראת כלה
פני שבת נקבלה

This day is the day that we prayed for
We’re made for
We’ll wait for
When the bride returns to the place where
the space where
she belongs there

When Hashem invites us back in now
we’ll know how
He’ll show how
His nation to His palace return now
we’ll learn how
with all the world now…

Translation of Hebrew:
Come in peace, crown of her husband
In both joy and ecstasy
Amongst the trusted of the treasured nation
Come bride, come bride
Let us go, my beloved, to greet the bride
Let us receive the Shabbos (Shabbat)

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