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Benny Friedman At A Chupa At Terrace On The Park With Rosenblatt Productions

Benny Friedman At A Chupa At Terrace On The Park With Rosenblatt Productions

A recent Chupa at Terrace on the Park.
Sound Engineered By World Renowned Ilya Lashinsky.
A Rosenblatt Productions, For bookings and info, Call: 347-733-2034
Video By Motty Engel 917-627-3275

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  1. Efriam Weinfeld
    Efriam Weinfeld 14 June, 2010, 19:10

    I still like the way Ben Snof sang Im Eshkochech more than Benny. Not tat I don’t like Benny’s rendition, but he basically kept it the same while Ben completely changed the way we look at this classis Shwekey song.

  2. response
    response 14 June, 2010, 20:53

    Efraim, imagine you are a chosson and at your wedding you want Benny Friedman singing Shwekey’s iconic Im Eshkocheich and instead of singing the classic song you and your kallah dreamed of walking down to – the singer completely changes the song and gets “artsy”, if it were me I’d be very upset.

    Leave the “changing” to the freebie singles on the web.

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