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Ari Goldwag releases single from his new album “Am Echad”

Ari Goldwag releases single from his new album “Am Echad”

As a child soloist, Ari Goldwag already performed and appeared on the worldwide stage of Jewish music, as part of the legendary Miami Boys Choir, under the direction of Yerachmiel Begun. He was the soloist for numerous memorable songs of that time, including “Boruch Hagever,” “Min Hashamayim,” “Ani Maamin,” and others that became Jewish music classics.

In 2003, Goldwag released his first album, Lishuascha Kivinu, which garnered great success, and featured the song “Kah Ribon,” which became a classic song sung on Friday nights in homes worldwide. Goldwag introduced us to his mature side, having developed as an artist, producer and composer.

Goldwag also released two more albums since then, “Simcha B’libi” and “Pure Soul,” both of which were acclaimed both in the US and throughout the world. He also produced and composed for the albums “Shabbos: Get Ready,” which featured former contemporaries of his from his Miami days, as well as the albums “Sheves Achim 1 & 2” featuring Shimon and Moshe Bell, and “Sheves Chaverim.” He also composed Benny Friedman’s songs “Yesh Tikvah” [lyrics written with Miriam Israeli], “Shalom Aleichem,” and “Berachamim.”

Goldwag is currently finishing the efforts of a year and a half of work on his new album “Am Echad,” which will, be’H, be released at the end of the summer. The album includes 12 songs in Hebrew and English, both upbeat songs, as well as moving and emotional songs, containing a message of encouragement, chizzuk and achdus, especially for current times. Also involved in the production of the album, which Goldwag arranged, were top-notch artists and musicians from around the world. Ian Freitor, the Israeli Philharmonic, Leib Yaacov Rigler, Avi Singolda, Avi Avidani, Nitsan Ein-Habar, Elyakim (Loka) Saltzman, and Miriam Israeli [the lyricist who wrote the lyrics of Benny Friedman’s hit “Yesh Tikvah” with Goldwag, as well as “Ima Tagidi Li” by child soloist Avi Sharon]. The album will include two songs with special surprise guest artists.

Am Echad,” the title track of the album, is the first single that is being released at this time. It is an upbeat song with a powerful message of unity and achdus for Klal Yisrael. Goldwag collaborated with Miriam Israeli in creating the lyrics; the song was composed by Goldwag, and arranged by Ian Freitor. A winning combination that will, without a doubt, be the hit of the summer.

For concert and performance information: 516-554-0136

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כשאני לעצמי

ואתה לא איתי

מה אני כשאני בנפרד

כי אני יהודי

לא הולך לבדי

רק איתך, ידידי, יד ביד

עם אחד, שיר אחד

בוא אחי ותן לי יד

ונוכל לשמוח ולרקוד יחד

כאיש אחד בלב אחד

לא רוצה להיות לבד

רק לנצח שבת אחים גם יחד

להיות משפחה

זהו סוד השמחה

כי ביחד הכל טוב יותר

ואנחנו שרים

כל ישראל חברים

על אף אחד לא נסכים לוותר

אם נצליח לאהוב

ונשיר הנה מה טוב

המשיח עוד יגיע בקרוב

ליב האבן א יעדן איד

מיטזינגען א נייעם ליד

און אנטקעגן גיין משיח בן דוד

If we love our fellow Jew

We’ll rejoice and sing anew

With Moshiach bimheirah beyameinu!

When I am for myself

And you are not with me

What am I when I am separate?

For I am a Jew

I do not go alone

Just with you, my friend, hand in hand

One nation, one song

Come my brother and give me your hand

And we will rejoice and dance together

As one person, with one heart

I don’t want want to be alone,

Just forever brothers sitting together

To be a family

Is the secret of joy

For everything is better together

And we sing

All Israel are friends

We won’t give up on anyone

If we can successfully love

And sing ‘how pleasant..’

The Moshiach will come soon

Having love for every Jew

While singing a new song

And Moshiach ben Dovid coming forward

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