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A Moment With Hashem – Tachzor Elai By Yossi Glanz

A Moment With Hashem – Tachzor Elai By Yossi Glanz

Dear Friends,

I wanted to share something personal with you. During this Chanukah season, I was feeling a bit lost in my spiritual journey.
Despite all the effort I was putting into my relationship with Hashem, I found myself feeling somewhat disconnected from Hashem, and lacking the spiritual essence I so badly longed for. It was a challenging time, filled with moments of doubt and questioning. I felt as though I was putting in the work, yet I couldn’t seem to find that deep connection with Hashem I was yearning for.

In one of my darkest moments, I found myself reaching out to Hashem, pleading for a sign, a connection, something to reignite the flame of faith within me. I poured my heart out, expressing my sincere desire to feel His presence and love once again.

I remember one morning during Vasikin, as I found myself staring at the bracha of Hashivenu, something shifted within me. In that moment, I felt a profound sense of clarity wash over me. I realized that perhaps it was time for me to earnestly ask for Hashem to return to ME.
I have given everything I got, however without Him I can no longer go on. “Now it’s Your turn to return to me.”
It was during this pivotal moment that the first part of the song began to take shape within me. It was an expression of my longing, my desire to bridge the gap between myself and Hashem.
Over the next few weeks, things started to change. As my relationship strengthened, and I found myself in a better place spiritually, it was like Hashem was responding to my plea, whispering, “Here I am,” .And that’s when the second part of the song came to me.
It was a testament to the belief that Hashem is always present, waiting for us to open our hearts and minds to His presence.

I am deeply grateful for the inspiration, love, and support of my dear friend, Pini Felberbaum, throughout this journey. His dedication and inspiration to this project has been a source of strength and encouragement, and I am honored to have him by my side.

In closing, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the love and support of all those who have been a part of this journey with me. May we continue to seek and find the spiritual connections that we so badly need and bring us closer to Hashem.

With warmest regards
Yossi Glanz

Composed & Lyrics: Yossi Glanz
Produced by: Motti Gantz
Music Arranged by: Shimon Strohli
Vocal Production: MG Studio’s Staten Island NY
Mixed & Mastered: Aviv Yerimi
Cover & Design: Triangle Media
Digital Marketing by: Motty Klein • @MusicOnTime
Inspired and Brought to you by: Pini Felberbaum

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