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Ariel Zino – Or Ha’Emet

From a young age, Ariel Zino learned with some of the best Paytanim in Israel and throughout the world and became a Chazzan in a Shul in Netivot. Ariel is now releasing his first single at 20 years old called

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Tenor Productions “Bikashti”

If you’ve heard anything in Jewish music over the past 20 years, you’ve definitely heard at some point a vocal track of Motty Rottler. There’s almost no album that doesn’t have his vocal flavor on it. In honor of his

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Malchus Choir & Yisroel Adler “A Shabbos In Sadigurah”

Thousands of Chassidim and others from all over the world took part this past week in an impressive and historical event of the Chanukas Habayis for the new Kloiz Beis Medrash, in honor of the Yahrtzeit of the Sadigurah Rebbe

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Beri Weber Releases New Album “Agudah Achas – One Heart”

After six successful albums, and songs that have turned into major standard hits, singer Beri Weber has decided to write a biography, not in a book, but rather in a musical album called Agudah Achas – One Heart. In this

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Six13 – That Shabbos Feeling!

SHABBAT SHALOM! For centuries, Jews around the world have kept Shabbat week after week. And we can’t wait to celebrate with you! Six13 has teamed up with the Shabbos Project — a global, grassroots initative to unite Jews across the

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Make The Day – BeINONI (Official Music Video)

Official Music Video for debut single ‘Make The Day’ Video Production: Red Wagon Media

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MRM Music Presents: The JM Music Video Collection 3!

MRM Music presents the Jm Video Collection featuring 27 Music videos from the greatest stars in Jewish Music. Till now Music Videos were limited to those with a constant internet connection, now you can bring your favorite Jewish Music Videos

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