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Eli Schwebel – YAGGA (Official Video)

A message from Eli Schwebel: I had a blast creating the visual expression of my song “YAGGA” together with Tel Aviv based director Kobie Flashman co-starring my close friend – Jewish Self Expression Guru Rabbi Yom Tov Glaser who has

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With the ‘any moment’ release of the long awaited all – new 12 hit song MIAMI CD, comes the MIAMI PHENOMENON! to Brooklyn College, Chol Hamoed Pesach. 2 major performances. The new MIAMI album (word has it that its MIAMI’S

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Yitzy Bald & The New York Boys Choir Present An New Purim Music Video: V’nahafoch Hu (Turnaround)

The New York Boys Choir, under the leadership of producer Yitzy Bald, is so excited to present to you this awesome, fun-filled Purim music video, entitled V’nahafoch Hu! This music video leaves one with the message that, just as the

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Bais Shmuel Purim 5775 With Eli Marcus & Chony Milecki

bais shmuel purim 5775 Join the party at Bais Shmuel’s annual Purim event. Featuring Eli Marcus and Chony Milecki. Enjoy a fleishig buffet and plenty l’chaim. $54* per family. OHOLEI TORAH WEDNESDAY NIGHT MAARIV/MEGILLAH 6:15 *or best offer

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LaYehudim: An Original by Yonah Friedman

Just in time for Purim, here is a FREE download of a new single from singer/songwriter Yonah Friedman entitled LaYehudim. The song is available for download on his Soundcloud account. Click PLAY below to hear the song [Audio clip: view

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Rogers Park – Shared Hearts [OFFICIAL VIDEO] with Libenu

Rogers Park is a Chicago based band. They are just as excited about music, as they are about boats filled with chocolate. The band consists of two leading vocalist Yosef Peysin and Mordy Kurtz who specialize in harmony and vocal

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The 6th Annual CAHAL Concert: Dovid Gabay, Baruch Levine & Simcha Leiner

The 6th Annual CAHAL Concert Featuring Dovid Gabay, Baruch Levine & Simcha Leiner March 7th, 2015 at 8:30 PM Lawrence High School on Reilly Road and Peninsula Blvd, in Cederhurst. Music by the Shloime Dachs Orchestra Go to Cahal.org for

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Adoin Oilam – Chaim Shloime Maias Releases His Debut Single

This is the debut single of singer Chaim Shloime Maias. Adoin Oilam is the first single from the debut album will be released iy”h around Lag B’Omer. The song was composed and written by Alter Panet, with arrangements and production

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