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The new single – ‘Healing with Prayer 0

Rabbi and guitarist all in one… Asaf Leibowitz The new single – ‘Healing with Prayer’ (Tipul T’fila) Assaf Leibowitz (41) was born in Haifa, and he is married and the father of three children. Today he is living in Hod

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A new single to Eliad Eliyahu “Eli, eli” 0

listen to the silence that is played- A song that come after the war A new single to Eliad Eliyahu "Eli, eli" A few days after the Second Lebanon War ended, and after many hours which Eliad Eliyahu (26) married

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NEW CD – A Frelichen Purim 0

New from MRM Music expected to hit stores next week. All Purim all the time. Featuring the vocals of; Menachem Moskowitz, Shmuel Ber Weber, Yoily Falkowitz, Yechezkel Laue, Chaim Blumenfeld, Shmuel Ferund, Moshe Mordechai Rothenstein, Yoel Berkowitz and a yeled

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New Titles – Have You Used Your Coupon Yet? 0

Get 10% Off ALL TITLES* Use Coupon Code:TY2008 Now Only $22.99 Buy Now INSIDE PURIM Aryeh Pinchas Strickoff We all know the Purim story – at least we think we do. An evil king, an enigmatic queen, the threat of

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This show is really going to be incredible. Yakov Chessed will be doing unplugged/acoustic songs with Aryeh, our full rock tunes (and Aryeh’s too), and some new songs they haven’t played live outside of Calgary. They will also have rising

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