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Yonatan Razel Celebrates “Bein Hatzlilim” Reaching Gold Album in Sales and Releases for Pesach a Special Performance of the song “V’hi Sheomda”

Gracefully Yonatan Razel continues to enchant and captivate audiences in both the religious and secular circles. Four months ago he released his latest album “Bein Hatzlilim” which just reached gold album sales! “Katointi“, “Hagagua“, “Bein Hatzlilim“, “Nigun Belz” and “Ashira”

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Let me start off by saying that I am a long time fan of Shlock Rock, but never had the privilege of attending ANY of their concerts LIVE. This past motzei shabbos all that changed at the Stardust Room at

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[JI EXCLUSIVE] Orah Zu Torah Concert with Gertner & Gabay photos

by: JI Israel Reporter Daniel Bukingolts The “Orah Zu Torah” Jerusalem City Event was supposed to be a happy lively Chanukah event. Twenty minutes prior to the start of the event, producers changed the entire event. Instead of fast happy

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