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MATANA – Simcha Leiner (Official Music Video) Yeshivat Reishit

A Really Good Gift In honor of the 25th anniversary of Yeshivat Reishit Yerushalayim, be uplifted by Matana, a soulful composition straight from the inspired neshama of one of our very own Shana Bet talmidim, who, with the help of

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URI DAVIDI – Nu Nu (Official Music Video)

DOWNLOAD NOW – “Nu Nu” (Official Music Video) by Uri Davidi Produced by: Shimmy Socol Composed by: Uri Davidi & Yitzy Waldner Concept by: Uri Davidi & Albert Mohadeb Lyrics: Miriam Israeli Song Produced by: Yitzy Waldner Arrangement, Mix

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Benny Friedman – Reb Yehoshua Omer

One of the measures of true greatness is a person’s ability to inspire others to reach for THEIR OWN greatness. My uncle Rabbi Joshua Gordon, of blessed memory, was a great rabbi and a great teacher. And he inspired me

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MORDECHAI SHAPIRO – B’Yachad (Official Music Video)

Mordechai Shapiro “B’Yachad” (Official Music Video) Video by: Shimmy Socol Composed by: Mordechai Shapiro & Yitzy Waldner Lyrics by: Miriam Israeli Arranged by: Ian Freitor – Playmasters studios Vocals recorded by: DeG Studios, Doni Gross Download the song today on

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MORDECHAI SHAPIRO – Machar (Official Music Video)

We all have our own personal challenges and struggles that we face on a daily basis, but we must remember that tomorrow the sun will rise, a brighter future awaits us! Always stay focused on the positive! ——————————————————– Written by:

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Benny Baderech: Chapter Two – Mexico City – Special Guest MBD

All aboard! Folks, since the day I started traveling for music work and visiting Jewish communities around the world, it’s been my dream to share the wonder of it all with you. Worldwide Yiddishkeit is a marvelous blend of languages,

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MORDECHAI SHAPIRO – Schar Mitzvah (Official Music Video)

Mordechai Shapiro is back with an all new music video featuring his hit song “Schar Mitzvah“. Follow the release of his debut album “Kol Haderech“, produced by Sruly Meyer & Avraham Zamist, Mordechai’s music continues to permeate throughout the world.

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Ki MiTzion – Ophie Nat [Official Music Video]

Just days before Shavous, Ophie Nat released a brad new single titled “Ki Mitzion” composed by Ophie Nat and Nochi Krohn, produced and arranged by the mega talented Nochi Krohn. With this song, Ophie wanted the listener to connect on

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