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DJ’s Niso Slob & Amiram Ben Lulu Present: Inshallah – The Official Remix

After Israel Gavra‘s hit song Inshallah made it big on the radio, DJ’s Niso Slob and Amiram Ben Lulu are releasing their official remix of the song.

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Yair David “Mi Yachol Negdi” [Official Remix]

After the success of the hit song Mi Yachol Negdi released by singer Yair David who took over the radio stations and the general audience all at once, DJ Amiram Ben Lulu and DJ Niso Slob are releasing a remix

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Avi Ilson – Chattan V’Kallah [Official Remix]

After the tremendous success of new singer Avi Ilson‘s single Chatan V’Kallah, which has been played over and over on the radio and garnered thousands of views on YouTube, DJ’s Amiram Ben Lulu and Niso Slob approached him and created

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Avishai Eshel – Rak Lirkod – Uman Single 2015

After a decade of being a part of the great celebrations and hordes of people who go to Uman, Avishai Eshel is now releasing the single of the year that will accompany the masses who travel for the great gathering

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