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Avromi Weinberg – Lenagen U’L’Nagen

After having much success with his previous song Maoz Tzur last Chanukah, which received many plays on the radio, the singer/songwriter Avromi Weinberg is releasing another single from his upcoming album. The song is called Lenagen U’L’Nagen, and it is

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Avromi Weinberg Prepares For Chanukah With The Song “Maoz Tzur”

Avromi Weinberg is a rising star in the Jewish music. He’s only 23 (married +1), but his musical talent seems rooted in his early age. His fascinating personal story can fill a book, starting from the his roots, self-searching journey

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Except Saturday – Maoz Tzur – Hannukah

“Like” Except Saturday at !!! Happy Chanukah everyone! Here’s a classic song, but arranged a little differently than you may be used to. We hope you enjoy! A big crazy thank you to all those who made this video

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