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In Honor of “Hakel 5776″ Yochai Kfir Presents: ‘Ashreinu’ Moetzet & Avremi Roth

During the course of the Simcha of the Pramishlan family, singer and composer Yishai Lapidot was inspired to the song Ashreinu which accompanied the Mitzvah Tantz of the Admor and the Chosson. The niggun came from the Chabad chassidus. Lapidot

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Shwekey & Leiner Perform For Ichud Hatzalah

Once a year the Ichud Hatzalah organization in Israel hosts a massive concert on Leil Hoshana Rabbah in Yerushalayim. This year as well, the tickets were sold out quickly well before the concert date. This year, for the first time,

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