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A Canopy of Stars: More true stories of people who light up our world

Beloved, bestselling author C.B. Weinfeld takes us on yet another journey to find hidden stars! Moshe was homeless, disabled, down on his luck. Who would believe a casual invitation would lead to an unbelievable Pesach Seder miracle? The partners’ business

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Stardust: More true stories of people who light up our world

Four years, against immeasurable odds, he’d worked for this moment. Now he had to choose between his future- and his Torah life. Could anyone save this crumbling marriage? The Rebbe had a way… Their grandfathers had hated each other. Now

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A Tapestry of Stars: More Stories of People who Light up our World

True stories that light up the dark! Meet some of the stars of A Tapestry of Stars: The two girls willing to risk their jobs so a woman can be at her husband’s deathbed The young college student stuck in

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